Major League Pickleball Welcomes Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc as League’s First Official Wine Partner

Multi-Year Agreement to Feature Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc Being Sold at MLP Events,
Beginning with League’s 2023 Season 2 Kickoff – MLP Atlanta – Sept. 21-24

Major League Pickleball (MLP) and Nobilo Wines have joined forces to announce an exciting new multi-year agreement making this amazing Sauvignon Blanc the league’s first Official Wine Partner. MLP’s rapid business development has generated 16 current brand partners – including title sponsor Margaritaville, Michelob ULTRA, and Toyota & the All-New 2023 Toyota Prius – quadrupling last year’s total. The collaboration aims to bring together the best of two worlds – the elegance and sophistication of Nobilo wines and the fast-paced, thrilling sport of pickleball.

As part of the partnership, Nobilo Wines – New Zealand’s Finest Sauvignon Blanc – will be sold on-site at all MLP events, starting with the league’s first 2023 Season 2 event, this week’s MLP Atlanta, Sept. 21-24. Attendees can look forward to enjoying the exceptional taste and craftsmanship of Nobilo Wines while witnessing the excitement and competitiveness of professional team pickleball.

This innovative partnership between Nobilo Wines and Major League Pickleball is a testament to the growing popularity and appeal of pickleball, as well as the desire of brands like Nobilo to align themselves with dynamic and engaging sports. Together, they will elevate the pickleball experience and bring a touch of elegance and celebration to the game.

“This strategic, multi-year partnership between Major League Pickleball and Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc will elevate both brands,” said MLP Chief Operating Officer Bruce Popko. “We welcome Nobilo to the MLP family of sponsors, which has nearly quadrupled in the past year.”

“Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc is a refreshing, crisp wine perfect for outdoor occasions, which makes this partnership with MLP a perfect match. We couldn’t be more excited to be the Official Wine Sponsor of Major League Pickleball,” said Micah Davis, Marketing Director of Nobilo Wines. “Fans will now be able to enjoy a refreshingly tasty glass of our New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc at all MLP events beginning September 2023. Be sure to raise a glass to toast to your favorite team this MLP season.”

*article is courtesy of Major League Pickleball