CIBC Texas Open Championship Sunday Preview, from the Stats Desk.


#1 Ben Johns is looking for his fifth title this year and 38th of his career. This is the 16th straight tournament with either Johns or Federico Staksrud in the final, a streak that started in KC last August.

#22 Chris Haworth surprised the field by winning five matches, allowing just 35 points in eleven games.  He allowed more than three points in a game only twice. He beat Staksrud in the semifinal, 11-6, 11-2. This is Haworth’s first PPA final and first medal.

Bronze: (7) Dylan Frazier vs (2) Federico Staksrud. Frazier beat Staksrud for the gold medal at The Masters in January.


#4 Salome Devidze beat World Number One Anna Leigh Waters in the semis in three games. This is her seventh career final (two gold, four silver), but her first final against her rival Lea Jansen.

#3 Lea Jansen needed three games to beat second-seed Catherine Parenteau in the semis. In 21 singles finals, she has three gold medals and 18 silvers. She beat Samantha Parker in the Houston Open final in April.

Bronze: (1) Anna Leigh Waters vs (2) Catherine Parenteau. In singles, Waters has 37 gold medals, three silvers, and NO bronzes.


#1 Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns continued their winning ways. They have five titles this year and 32 together. They can be beaten, though: Anna Bright and Andrei Daescu beat them in the Austin Open title in March. Ben’s 47 Mixed Doubles titles is the most by one player in any event. 

#4 Jorja Johnson and JW Johnson survived back-to-back three-game matches to reach the finals. Since the Johnsons won their only title together 13 months ago, they have lost three title matches to Waters/Johns, most recently in December. The Johnsons beat Waters/Johns in the quarterfinals of the Arizona Grand Slam in February 2023.

Bronze: (3) Anna Bright/Tyson McGuffin vs. (2) Vivienne David/Thomas Wilson.


#4 Dekel Bar and Tyson McGuffin were almost knocked out early, but they beat the #32 seeds (Stefan Auvergne and John Cincola) 12-10 in the third game in the round of 32. 

#2 Dylan Frazier and JW Johnson are trying to win their third consecutive tournament. Their eight titles together are tied for second-most all-time, with Wright/Johns and Wright/Newman. Johnson’s 15 career overall gold medals is fifth-most among men.

Bronze: (1) Ben Johns/Collin Johns vs ​(5) Tyson McGuffin/Jaume Martinez Vich. This is the third straight tournament the Johns brothers have lost in the semis.


#1 Catherine Parenteau and Anna Leigh Waters have five titles together this year. Parenteau’s 22 women’s doubles gold medals are second-most all-time, one ahead of Lucy Kovalova. Half of Waters’ 32 career women’s doubles gold medals have come while paired with Parenteau.

#3 Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith and in their first final since taking a silver at the Indoor Championships in March. Their last title was in Newport Beach in April 2023. Kovalova has 21 women’s doubles titles: 8 with Smith and 13 with Jardim.

Bronze: (4) Anna Bright/Kate Fahey vs ​​​​​​​​​​(2) Meghan Dizon/Etta Wright.

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