The Second Edition of Pickleball Fundamentals Book Is Now Available

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Pickleball Fundamentals, reviewed and endorsed by USA Pickleball, is the best way to master the basics of America’s fastest-growing sport.

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Description: Immerse yourself in a game of pickleball, and you’ll discover why it has quickly become one of the most popular sports in America. In addition to being enjoyable for all ages and skill levels, pickleball promotes meaningful relationships, exercise, and wellness.

Reviewed and endorsed by USA Pickleball—the national governing body for the sport—Pickleball Fundamentals, Second Edition, teaches you the basics so you can join the fun on the court quickly and with confidence.

Learn proper execution of pickleball’s essential skills, and master the fundamental tactics. Step-by-step instructions with photos demonstrate how to implement each shot—groundstrokes, serve and return, volley, dink, lob, overhead smash, and drop—and provide the base for developing solid technique.

Nearly 40 drills and gamelike activities will enhance your enjoyment while improving performance. You’ll also find competitive tactics for various scenarios and strategies for both singles and doubles play.

Pickleball Fundamentals is the best way to master the basics and take your game to a higher level.


Beginning and intermediate pickleball players; instructors who teach pickleball to PE classes, pickleball clubs, and community groups.

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